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  • Chelsea Stamford Bridge 3D Puzzle

    • Bring Stamford to life with this 3D puzzle
    • Assemble in at least 90 minutes
    • Has easy fit technology
    • No tools or glue required
    • For ages 7 years and up
  • Hasbro Monopoly Game Cheaters Edition, Multicolor

    • MONOPOLY GAME: CHEATERS EDITION: Follow, bend or break the rules to win the Cheaters Edition of the Monopoly board game. Cheating is part of the game
    • INCLUDES PLASTIC HANDCUFFS: Don’t get caught! This Monopoly game includes a plastic handcuff unit that “chains” cheating players to Jail space
    • FEATURES CHEAT CARDS: Cheat cards encourage players to cheat and which cheat to attempt. Complete a cheat to get a reward; fail a cheat and pay the consequences
    • FUN FAMILY GAME: Get family and friends together to play this wildly different Monopoly game. Expect lots of laughs, as players are encouraged to bend the rules as part of gameplay
    • THE MOST MONEY WINS: The suggestions on the board, cards, and rules encourage cheating in order to own it all. The player with the most money at the end of the game wins
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    Jumbo 11244 Falcon de Luxe-Farmer’s Market

    • Falcon de luxe 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle
    • A stunning image of a local farmer’s market.
    • Illustrated by the artist Debbie Cook
    • Produced using a high quality cardboard
    • Each finished jigsaw puzzle measures 68 x 49cm (approximately)
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    Jumbo 11262 Falcon de Luxe-Flower Show Optimism and Joy

    • A Falcon de luxe 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle
    • A beautifully vibrant image of a flower show
    • Illustrated by Anne Searle
    • Produced using a high quality cardboard
    • Each finished jigsaw puzzle measures 68 x 49cm (approx.)
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    Jumbo, Falcon de luxe – Autumn on The Farm

    • Falcon de luxe 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle
    • A stunning illustration of a quaint, old farm in the autumn
    • Illustrated by the artist Finlay
    • Produced using a high quality cardboard
    • Each finished jigsaw puzzle measures 68 x 49cm (approx.)
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    LEGO 10758 Jurassic World T. rex Breakout

    Introduce your child to the thrill of a LEGO? Juniors/4+ adventure! This thrilling 10758 T. rex Breakout dinosaur toy set features a posable, buildable T. rex with opening mouth, 2 Starter Brick bases with gate, breakable fence and wall element, small science station and a truck with Starter Brick chassis. This Easy to Build dinosaur toy includes a simple guide to build and play, to help build confidence in children. Includes Claire, guard and scientist minifigures, a T. rex figure and a baby dinosaur figure.

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    LEGO 21122 The Nether Fortress

    • Includes 3 minifigures with assorted weapons and accessories: Steve, Alex and a Zombie Pigman, plus a Blaze and a Ghast
    • Features a Nether portal with light-up effect, 2 brick-built glow-in-the-dark glowstone elements, Ghast with changeable expression and fireball-shooting function, lava flow function, 3 brick-built portable fires, mushroom and Nether wart elements, 2 Nether quartz brick-built ores and a chest with 2 diamond elements
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    LEGO 21161 Minecraft The Crafting Box 3.0

    • Bring Minecraft? players? creative adventures into the real world with The Crafting Box 3.0 (21161). It?s bursting with LEGO? Minecraft construction bricks and familiar figures to inspire endless imaginative play!
    • This Minecraft? construction toy includes 564 bricks and pieces, plus popular characters from the game ? Steve, Alex, Creeper?, pig and zombie ? and a host of fun features, from a TNT launcher to a Creeper confrontation.
    • The set includes everything kids need to play out imaginative Minecraft? adventures in a cool castle, a busy farm and awesome environments of their own as they explore new ways to play their favorite game.
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    LEGO 41359 Friends Heart Box Friendship Pack Building

    • Includes 2 mini-doll figures: Vicky and Olivia, plus 2 animal figures: a poodle and a frog.
    • Features 2 heart-shaped boxes?large and small?and a stand for each so you can display them in your room!
    • Small heart box accessory elements include a tiara, party hat and a bone for the dog.
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    LEGO 41428 Beach House Mini Dolls

    • Entertain kids for hours with this feature-filled Beach House (41428). Packed with cool details, such as a DJ rooftop terrace, snack bar and hammock, it will immerse youngsters in endless creative play!
    • Kids will love to act out beach play with the buildable LEGO? Friends Mia and Andrea mini-doll figures. There’s also a new-for-June 2020 flamingo figure and a dolphin figure to help them create endless summer adventures.
    • Kids can imagine frolicking in the waves with a toy surfboard, sunbathing on the hammock under the palm tree and relaxing with the mini-doll figures in bedroom. The hinged roof lifts revealing a DJ terrace.
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    LEGO 41430 Summer Fun Water Park

    • Bring the fun of the water park to kids? bedrooms with this featured-packed toy. LEGO? Friends Summer Fun Water Park set (41430) will keep kids entertained for hours as they tackle the build then explore all the details.
    • LEGO? Friends Stephanie, Emma and Olivia buildable mini-doll figures are along for the ride and Mason is on hand as a lifeguard. New-for-June-2020, Pinky the flamingo figure brings a splash of color.
    • There are so many ways to play with this fun toy. Mini-dolls can zoom down the 3 slides or relax in the hot tub. Kids can imagine they?re the lifeguard keeping an eye on the swimmers or serve in the ice cream van.
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    LEGO 42091 Police Pursuit

    • Features a powerful pull-back motor, red and blue warning beacons, aerodynamic front bumper, large rear spoiler and wide black rims with low profile tires.
    • Check out the blue, white and black color scheme with cool police stickers.
    • Bring on the 42090 Getaway Truck pull-back and let the chase begin!