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    LEGO 60260 Air Race

    • Send Kids’ imaginations skyward with this multi-vehicle LEGO® City Air Race playset, featuring 2 toy flying ripcord helicopters, 3 minifigures, including LEGO City Adventures TV series character Rivera, and more.
    • What’s in the box? The LEGO® City Air Race set includes 2 toy ripcord helicopters, a stunt plane, 2 course pylons and 3 minifigures, including LEGO City TV character Rivera and LEGO City Xtreme and Vitarush pilots.
    • Kids can launch the ripcord helicopters into the air. The toy stunt plane and helicopters also have opening cockpits with room for any 1 of the 3 minifigure pilots included with this airport building set.
  • LEGO 60082 City Grea...

    • Includes 2 minifigures with an accessory: a woman and a man
    • Features a 4×4 truck, detachable trailer with fold-down ramps and a dune buggy
    • Also includes a crash helmet
  • LEGO 60235 City Adve...

    • Includes 7 LEGO® minifigures (including Santa!) and a husky dog figure.
    • Features 24 different items including vehicles, seasonal items and minifigures.
    • Includes a snowmobile, snow fort, axe stand, curling set, cooking stove, fireplace, rocking chair, telescope, Advent Christmas tree, grandfather clock, dinner table, snow plow tractor, snowball catapult, sleigh, snowman and a cookie table.
  • LEGO 60268 City Adve...

    • The LEGO City Advent Calendar (60268) is a great introduction to the exciting world of LEGO City and the LEGO City Adventures TV series. Kids aged 5 and up can enjoy fun, imaginative play throughout the holiday season.
    • Comes with 24 gifts, including Christmas tree and Santa’s sleigh miniature builds, 6 LEGO City Adventures TV series minifigures, including Chief Wheeler with Santa costume, plus a city play mat with snow-cleared roads.
    • Kids can count down to the big day with this LEGO City Advent Calendar, containing festive builds, LEGO City TV series minifigure characters and a snowy city play mat where they build their own Christmassy adventures.
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    LEGO 60215 Fire Stat...

    • Includes 4 LEGO? City minifigures: a fire chief and 3 firefighters, plus a fire dog figure.
    • Features a 3-level fire station with office, relaxation room and scout tower, small waterside dock and a separate garage with large opening front door and a landing pad for the included buildable drone. Also includes a small build with a trash can, newspaper stack and buildable flame elements.
    • This cool set also features a fire department off-road vehicle with new-for-January-2019 working light and sound brick, working fire hose with lever and storage compartments, plus a water scooter with space for a stud-shooting fire extinguisher and a scouting drone with spinning rotors and a rotating camera.
  • LEGO 60196 Arctic Su...

    • Includes 4 minifigures: an arctic explorer, arctic pilot, expedition leader and driver, plus a saber-toothed tiger figure.
    • Features a cargo plane with opening hold and ski landing gear, an ice cutter vehicle with opening, rotating cab, articulated saw arm with spinning saw blade and 4 tracks, plus an ice scooter.
    • Also includes a ?frozen’ saber-toothed tiger encased in an ice formation build with translucent blue blocks.
  • LEGO 60264 Ocean Exp...

    • Here?s a great toy for boys and girls who love the ocean and its wildlife. This LEGO? City Ocean Exploration Submarine (60263) playset has all kids need for imaginative underwater adventures.
    • What’s in the box? A toy submarine, underwater drone and a coral-covered seabed setting, plus 4 minifigures, including LEGO? City TV’s Jessica Sharpe and 2 divers with cool accessories, and a glowing anglerfish figure.
    • Kids can combine the vehicles and characters included in this set with other original LEGO? toy playsets for even more creative play or to make awesome display pieces.
  • LEGO 60262 Passenger...

    • This passenger airplane toy makes and an ideal introduction to the exciting world of LEGO? City. Perfect for kids aged 6 and up, it is designed to inspire creative, independent play based on real-life events.
    • What?s in the box? This passenger plane toy includes a large airplane, airport truck with a with car elevator, airstair, airport terminal setting, a red convertible automobile, 8 minifigures and a baby figure.
    • Includes a large model airplane with seating for the pilot and passengerminifigures ? including Poppy Starr from the LEGO? City Adventures TV series ? plus a terminal building with luggage conveyor and a control tower.
  • LEGO 60265 Ocean Exp...

    • Kids can dive deep into imaginative underwater adventures with this amazing LEGO? City (60265) Ocean Exploration Base playset. It has all kids need for a fun and rewarding play experience.
    • What?s In the box? A toy ocean exploration base with interchangeable living and research modules, plus a docking submarine, underwater drone, 5 researcher minifigures and shark and stingray figures.
    • The LEGO? City Ocean Exploration Base features interchangeable living and research modules and a docking submarine with movable inspection arms, spinning propeller and opening cockpit with room for two minifigures.