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    LEGO 10956 Amusement...

    LEGO DUPLO Town Amusement Park (10956) is packed with amazing attractions, hands-on features, and family fun to engage, entertain and stimulate growing minds.

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    LEGO 3297 Scoop and ...

    • There are many jobs to do in Bob’s Building Yard!
    • Scoop can help Bob move things around the yard
    • Lofty lifts the roof into place with one of his three attachments!
    • Manufacturer’s recommended age 2 – 5 years
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    LEGO 10933 Tower Cra...

    • The LEGO® DUPLO® Construction Tower Crane & Construction (10933) playset is a busy building site packed with amazing vehicles, awesome activities and a diverse range of characters to inspire role-play and develop skills.
    • Includes 5 contemporary figures and 4 vehicles – a big bulldozer, mini bulldozer, dump truck, digger and a crane – incorporating cool features, such as a Push & Go friction motor, sounds, lights and a working winch.
    • Lights and sound brings the busy site to life as kids lift the toilet building into position with the crane, deliver supplies and clear rubble off the street. And when it’s time for a break, check out the hotdog stand!
  • LEGO 10606 Doc McStu...

    • Includes 1 LEGO® DUPLO® figure: Doc McStuffins with stethoscope plus Lambie and Stuffy
    • Features an easy-to-build Backyard Clinic with a drawer, sink, window and a door
    • Accessories include a blanket and a bandage
  • LEGO 10932 Wrecking ...

    • The LEGO? DUPLO? Construction Wrecking Ball Demolition (10932) playset lets parents and preschoolers operate 3 awesome construction vehicles to knock down a building and clear up the mess.
    • Includes male and female contemporary construction worker figures, an adjustable crane, dump truck, bulldozer with heavy-duty tracks, a small house and a selection of boulders.
    • Parents and toddlers work together to swing the wrecking ball from side to side and demolish the small house, clear the site with the bulldozer, and deliver new building supplies with the truck.