LEGO Marvel Super Heroes

    • -19%LEGO 76125 Iron Man Hall of Armor

      LEGO 76125 Iron Man ...

      Brand: Lego

      Includes 6 Marvel Universe minifigures: Iron Man MK 1, Iron Man MK 5, Iron Man MK 41, Iron Man MK 50 and 2 Outriders.
      This buildable superhero toy features an Iron Man lab with detachable modules that can be combined and stacked in many different ways to create alternative play experiences.

    • LEGO 76103 Corvus Gl...

      Brand: Lego

      • Includes 5 minifigures: Vision, Shuri, Black Panther, Corvus Glaive and an Outrider.
      • Wakandan wall features a lever-operated opening gate, tower with 2 rotating, dual stud-shooting turrets, hidden disc shooter, hinged wall section, Wakandan lab with minifigure seat, desk and 2 computer screen elements, flip function and the Infinity Stone element.
    • -10%LEGO 76016 Superheroes Spider-Helicopter Rescue

      LEGO 76016 Superhero...

      Brand: Lego

      • Includes 3 minifigures: Spider-Man, Power Man and Mary Jane, and a Green Goblin figure
      • Features Spider-Helicopter and Green Goblin glider. Glider features 2 deadly flick missiles. Also includes Spider-Man’s spider web
      • Spider-Helicopter features spinning rotors, opening cockpits, web net shooter, missile cannon and 4 flick missiles