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  • -4%

    LEGO 70795 Mask Make...

    • Also includes theMask of Creation
    • Activate the battle arm functions
    • Attack with Skull Grinder’s Mask Stealer Staff
  • -6%

    LEGO 70164 Agents Hu...

    • Includes 4 minifigures with accessories: Psyclone, Astor City Guard, Agent Caila Phoenix and Agent Jack Fury
    • Psyclone’s flyer features an opening cockpit, 2 huge spinning rotor blades, 2 quad laser cannons, 2 automatic missile shooters including an extra missile, storage compartment for banknotes, and mech mode transformation function
    • Motorbike features folding translucent blue energy wheels, twin stud shooters and fold-out wings for fly mode
  • -14%

    LEGO 76164 Iron Man ...

    • There’s imaginative play on a big scale when young superheroes roleplay battle adventures with the LEGO® Marvel Avengers Iron Man Hulkbuster versus A.I.M. Agent (76164) playset, with its movable limbs and cool features.
    • Includes 4 minifigures – Iron Man, Rescue and 2 A.I.M. Agent soldiers – and a large-sized, posable Hulkbuster. With cool weapons and a jet pack, the scene is set for an epic battle!
    • Kids place Iron Man inside the Hulkbuster armour and put Rescue into the built-in shooter turret to take on the armed bad guys and save the city.
  • LEGO 40353 Brickhead...

    • Features buildable LEGO Brickheadz Reindeer, Elf and Elfie characters on LEGO baseplates.
    • Reindeer’s baseplate comes with an attached, buildable North Pole scene, featuring a signpost with directions to LEGOLAND in Billund, Denmark, and to the US town of Brick, plus Santa’s mailbox with 2 letter elements.
    • Makes a fun seasonal gift for LEGO fans.
  • LEGO 44015 Hero Fact...

    Includes EVO mini robot with a weapon and accessory
    Features a detachable seat, adjustable visor, shooter and translucent elements
    Includes a saw and com device for the mini robot

  • LEGO 75116 Star Wars...

    • Buildable and highly posable Finn figure features a spring-loaded shooter with extra ammunition and a Lightsaber with wheel-activated arm-swinging battle function.
    • Fire the spring-loaded shooter and reload with the extra ammunition.
    • Move the limbs into any battle pose.
  • LEGO 44004 Hero Fact...

    • Features rotating laser drill, flick missile, awesome high-impact shield, visor armor and super-tough hero core locking clamps
    • Includes highly durable and poseable design with translucent armor elements
    • Spin the laser drill!
  • LEGO 44023 Rocka Cra...

    • Includes ROCKA mini robot with a weapon
    • Features detachable seat, huge adjustable machine arms, chainsaw hands, posable joints plus gold and translucent elements
    • Includes a click shooter for ROCKA
  • LEGO 44003 Hero Fact...

    • Features removable dark-green evil brain, deadly striking blades, spiked spider legs and armor-piercing poison fangs
    • Includes highly durable and poseable design with gold armor elements
    • Launch an attack with the striking blade function!
  • LEGO 44016 Hero Fact...

    • Includes STORMER mini robot with a weapon and accessory
    • Features huge claws, snapping jaws and translucent elements
    • Attack with the razor-sharp claws
    • Includes a spear
  • LEGO 44025 Hero Fact...

    • Includes BULK mini robot with a weapon Includes a click shooter for BULK, a cocoon and a jumper
    • Features detachable top, seat with opening armored visor, rotating dual-purpose drill/laser gun, 4 flick missiles, joints and translucent elements
    • Switch the top of the BULK Drill Machine with the top of 44027 BREEZ Flea Machine or 44028 SURGE & ROCKA Combat Machine to confuse the beasts!
    • Stands over 9″ (23cm) tall
  • LEGO 76160 Mobile Ba...

    • The LEGO? DC Mobile Bat Base (76160) toy is packed with iconic vehicles, awesome gadgets and cool weapons for kids to use as they help Batman? and Batgirl? round up 4 notorious Super-Villains.
    • This ?Batcave? on wheels? set incorporates a Batjet, BatQuad, motorcycle, water scooter, toy truck and 6 minifigures from the Batman? movies: Batman, Batgirl?, Nightwing?, Mr. Freeze?, Man-Bat? and Bronze Tiger?.
    • The toy’s opening roof and side provide easy access to Batman’s Batcave? accessories.With so much to discover, and 6 minifigures from the Batman? movies, the possibilities for independent imaginative play are endless.